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Our goal at HHC is to build a relationship with our homeowners. We want to insure that your home is comfortable. The best way to do this is through good communication. Our staff will talk to you about your issues with your current system. They will ask you about allergies, air flow and energy bills. This information is all used to develop and construct the appropriate heating and cooling system for your home.

We typically offer 3-4 different system options. These options vary due to budget, potential rebates, equipment efficiency and accessory additions. Accessory additions would include items such as humidifiers, additional air filtration or germicidal lights.

We understand that budget is a deciding issue when changing out the 4th most expensive modification to your home. Our staff will work with you to find the equipment that best meets your needs both financially and for home comfort. We work with financing programs that can assist with very low credit scores to the very highest scores.

If you need to replace your equipment, we will find a way to help you get it done. All of our full system replacement costs include a 1 year Comfort Team Membership. This means that twice each year for two years we will come to your home. Once to clean and maintain the furnace and once to clean and maintain your air-conditioner. We find this important to not only keep your system in good working order but it allows time for questions and good communication to continue building our relationship. Please fill out the form below to schedule a time to chat about your home comfort system.

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