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iComfort ThermostatYour thermostat may be small, but it is in complete control of your heating and cooling units. It is important to keep your thermostat updated to insure the most cost savings.

Whether you are a person that gets excited about new technology or a person that just wants to "Set it and Forget it" we have a thermostat for you.  

The latest and greatest thermostats can be run from a cell phone or tablet from anywhere you have internet service. They can control all of your home comfort and indoor air-quality equipment all from one central locations. For example, if it gets extremely hot unexpectedly, you can turn your air-conditioner on from your phone and it will be cool and comfortable when you get home. If you are a person that just wants it to stay 72 degrees in your home or you don't want any fancy bells and whistles, we have a great option for you as well.

View a list of our thermostats and their benefits in this document.

All of our thermostats have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.