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Comfort Team Membership

Take maintenance off your mind and let our tune-up specialist take care of you!

A Comfort Team Membership is an agreement that guarantees that Heartland Heating & Cooling will have a tune-up specialist at your home twice a year making sure each piece of your HVAC system will be professionally cleaned and maintained annually. Our tune-up specialist will clean the outdoor coil, change your filter and ensure your equipment is operating safely and at its maximum efficiency. These appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM throughout the year.

The Comfort Team Membership is more than just tune-ups!

Convenience- Don’t want to think about your home comfort system? Let us do that for you! We schedule your appointment ahead of time and we are happy to reschedule to meet your needs. Our Comfort Team Membership includes priority scheduling for emergency service, which guaranties service response within 24 hours.

Peace of Mind- Do you want to spend your hard earned money on equipment repairs? Having your equipment professionally cleaned and maintained may prevent the inconvenience of major repairs. Many manufacture warranties require annual maintenance. This maintenance can also extend the life of your equipment. Not only could annual maintenance reduce potential breakdowns it can also help save on your utility bills. Cleaning and maintenance will help the units run more efficiently. Thus minimizing your utility bills.

Discounts- No more paying emergency service rates! When you are a Comfort Team Member you are charged our normal rate even when it’s an afterhours emergency service call. You will also receive 10% on any parts you may need throughout the year, which includes filters.

So the next time you have a Heartland Heating and Cooling team member in your home ask them about getting signed up for our Comfort Team Membership, email or call us today at 515-986-5007 to schedule your first tune-up to get signed up!


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